Popular Photography: The Most Iconic Photographs in History

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More than 125 Photos That Changed Our World. Get the fascinating stories behind the greatest pictures ever taken.

So said famed French film director Jean-Luc Godard about the incredible moments that can be captured in an image. In the nearly 200 years since the first photograph was taken, the art form has revolutionized history and created eyewitness accounts of what we would not have otherwise seen, from the devastation of war and the brilliance of human achievement to nostalgia’s fondest memories. Popular Photography: The Most Iconic Photographs in History highlights more than 125 of the most important images ever taken, from victories to memorials, coronations to assassinations, iconic moments, groundbreaking discoveries, thrilling comebacks, social revolutions and much more. It’s an inspirational look at history and modern society in a way no mere words can explain.  

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