Des vagues et des ailes

Éditeur George Fischer
Langue : Anglais
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Soar over thousands of kilometres of intricately sculpted earth in Wings Over Waves, where the thundering winds and waters of the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence have shaped the perplexing beaches and cliff faces of Les Îles de la Madeleine. Travel this archipelago labyrinth off the eastern shores of Québec through the revealing lens of George Fischer, renowned Canadian photographer.

See within these pages impossibly complex land formations braided with drifting dunes and twisting waterways, all from teetering altitudes. Rise above grassy plains and bustling marinas, to the quiet fishing villages nestled in the island clefts.

The artful composition of these photographs explores the unique aquaculture of Les Îles in a new way that even the most air-travelled adventurer won't want to miss. Gain a new perspective on pristine Madelinot landscapes and seascapes. Dip your toes into adventure with the feeling of dangling your feet over the ocean around Les Îles.

Des vagues et des ailes or Wings Over Waves is a bilingual book written in French and English.

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